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About me

I’m a Coach, highly experienced Ironman Triathlete, experienced Amateur Boxer, Amateur Boxing Coach and Mancunian from Wigton. I’m passionate about helping others connect with fitness to fuel their fire and to transform their health and wellbeing.

My coaching also involves a motivation and mindset overhaul, as well as supporting clients to advance their fitness through appropriate fuelling. This is because I’m committed to bringing the tools I’ve used to overhaul my own health, happiness and wellbeing to the table for others looking to transform through areas beyond movement.

Who I Work With

I specialise in working with former athletes to reignite their passion and come back stronger. I also work with teens and adults of all ages online and am passionate about coaching and mentoring younger generations and novice gym goers to cultivate a culture of prioritising their fitness to help individuals up-level their wellbeing, health and happiness.

My work with teens and twenty somethings often also entails supporting them around their longstanding struggles with reduced confidence, poor self-image and low self-esteem, drawing upon the benefits of fitness, mind-set and nutrition to support with this. I offer this on a 1:1 or group based online programme format according to client preferences.

I also work with local organisations, including schools and workplaces, and coaching peers to deliver motivational and inspiring talks and workshops on topics relating to all things fitness and wellbeing to inspire others to harness their true potential.

The Alpha Programme

My 12 week Alpha Programme is a complete fitness, body, mind and fuel overhaul tailored to support my client’s with their individual health and fitness goals, be that to improve their confidence and physique, gain a PB or loose a weight – off their body and mind.

It involves the use of apps to provide daily prompts and help members track progress, step into their power and amplify their overall performance, productivity and sense of positivity. Members also have the option of attending weekly group coaching calls and an educational teaching on nutrition or catching these on replay as well as having access to support from myself at hand in their back pocket, where reassurance or revisiting of information is required.

The programme also delivers a strong sense of community spirit through it’s supportive online community. This and coaching check-ins is fundamental in helping holding Alphas accountable to attaining their goals and supports myself and those I serve to avoid falling out of practice with proven strategies and suffering the consequences.

My background

I was born in Manchester and raised by my Mother, a part-time Gym Instructor, who through the struggles of raising 2 young children and being the sole bread winner developed a long standing alcohol dependency problem. She lost her life to this prematurely after successfully instilling a hard work ethic in me and an interest in supporting others with all things sports and fitness related.

My upbringing was plagued with difficulties and from as far back as I can remember anxiety would rear it’s ugly head at me. At times this made me feel like something was terribly wrong and it was evident that it wasn’t an easy thing to escape. However, exercise – working up a sweat and releasing those ‘happy chemical’ neurotransmitters daily, helped keep it at bay. Yet I knew it wasn’t a long term solution.

Upon becoming a Father I become more determined to beat my burdens and after the birth of my son I invested heavily in myself, undertaking a Level 3 Personal Training qualification, running fitness and online classes and attending and accessing further coaching training and support from expert leaders in the industry and great therapists who’ve made a HUGE difference in how I handle this and how I coach my children and clients to handle their wellbeing.

Acquiring this experience, skills and knowledge has been crucial in enabling me to rapidly build on my mother’s legacy. I now not only support the younger generations in my local community through facilitating weekly Park Play and children’s Football Coaching sessions but have also established a hugely successful online Fitness Coaching programme and coaching business that allows me to serve others around the globe with my transformational Alpha Programme.

I’d love to share with you some of my anxiety coping and mindset strategies that I’ve posted about, so do check out my Athletes Reignited Club Facebook page and Ben Hale Coaching page on Instagram. You can also visit my website for additional information and body transformations.

Difficulties Supported

Performance anxiety

General Anxiety

Chronic Stress & Overwhelm

Anger Management

Emotional Dysregulation 

Imposter Syndrome / Self-doubt

Low Self-esteem

Carer Fatigue

Reduced Assertiveness Skills

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Trauma (including PTSD)

Depression or Low Mood

Shyness & Social Anxiety

Challenging Life Transitions

Emotionally-based School Avoidance

If you would like further information regarding any of the above treatments, or would like to book an appointment, please contact me.

Your Questions Answered

How do I work with you?

I offer a free 15 minute online consultation to explore your needs, and to establish if we’d be suited to working together. If we agree, we then organise a time and date to commence your first session and confirm where you’d like to attend; online, or in person in my session space in north Carlisle.

How much do sessions cost?

Sessions cost £75 per hour & £40 per half hour. Please note, first sessions are always 1 hour in duration to allow us to have sufficient time to explore the root cause of your difficulties. Sessions of EMDR also require a session duration of 1 hour to allow for time to effectively deliver this protocol. 

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients I work with require a course of 6-12 sessions for optimum results, frequency and duration of which will vary depending upon their individual needs and budget. Some clients may also opt to access top-up sessions where they have experienced a recent, new trauma or where they are enduring some challenging life transitions.

How do I pay for a session?

Session payment is required 48 hours in advance of appointments and is made via bank transfer.

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What do my clients say?

Names are hidden to respect the anonymity of the client


If you’re prepared to work hard, and challenge yourself, then you can achieve incredible results on Ben’s Alpha plan. I did. I signed up as a disillusioned but fit cyclist, who’s performance had stagnated. 12 weeks down the line my physique has completely changed from being droopy, saggy and baggy to what my physio friend described as Kick Ass!! I’m also way stronger and crucially more motivated to keep on working and changing myself. Ben is a great guy, who will in supportive and encouraging ways help you achieve amazing things.


I came to Ben as I had seen his previous work with clients and results in the triathlon game. I was looking for guidance on how to loose a good amount of body fat while still being able to follow a solid training plan to put me on track for my goal, a sub 5 hour half ironman. This is exactly what I got, from over 16 stone to 12 stone, a training plan to achieve a sub 5 in my first triathlon made it an amazing experience.


I was recommended Ben Hale through a friend of mine. I was a bit sceptical about using a long distance coach whereby not having the interaction of someone nearby, however Ben is on hand every day, he understands and caters to individual needs such as creating a program around my shifts. The interaction and communication from Ben has been second to none, he contacts me regularly through the week to ensure I’m on track and discuss any issues I may have. In short I highly recommend Ben Hale as coach.