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Louisa Waite

Lead Mental Health Occupational Therapist

for adults & adolescents

A highly skilled and experienced Occupational Therapist and Anxiety and Trauma therapist, trained in EMDR. Louisa has over 15 years experience in practice and prides herself in providing a heart-led approach to therapy, coaching and consultancy. Louisa works in person in Carlisle and online.

Working with secondary age & adults

Working in-person & online

Specialising in anxiety & trauma

Ben Hale

Fitness & Mindset Coach

for children, adults & adolescents

A highly motivated, skilled and supportive online Fitness and Mindset Coach with a proven track record of supporting individuals to transform their health and wellbeing through fitness, diet and mindset.
Ben works predominantly online, coaching others and providing bespoke fitness, nutrition and mindset support. He also works with young people in person.

Online coaching

Bespoke fitness, nutrition & mindset support

Specialising in weight loss, fitness & mentality

Karen Walker

Lead Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Holistic Health Practitioner for all ages

A highly passionate and knowledgeable Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Holistic Practitioner. Karen focuses on restoring health and wellbeing through the mind – body connection.
Karen predominantly provides in-person support and is well versed in working with individuals of all ages.

Providing in-person support

Specialising in holistic health & wellbeing

Works with individuals of all ages

Chris Edwards

Lead Mental Health Occupational Therapist

for young minds & adults

A highly experienced and compassionate Occupational Therapist with a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychology in Education. Chris provides specialist, client-centred therapy for young minds. Chris collaborates with educational establishments and parents, where appropriate, to promote optimum mental health and wellbeing.

HCPC registered therapist

Providing in-person or online support

Specialising in mental health, education and wellbeing

Helping individuals and organisations

Think you or your organisation may benefit from our heart-led, specialist services to support you to become the highest performing, healthiest and happiest versions of yourself? Drop us a line today.

Training & Talks

Looking for tailored solutions to elevate your team’s performance and unlock their full potential? Look no further! Our bespoke sessions are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs, leaving participants engaged, motivated and eager to apply their new knowledge and skills. Types of training and talks we offer include:

Wellbeing Champion training (our mental health peer support for schools programme)

What is wellbeing and why it’s worth prioritising? Current research, challenges and it’s impact on general performance

Mentally healthy workplaces, spaces and teams

Wellbeing at work – the impact of posture, DSE assessments, digestion and diet

Managing conflict and effective communication skills

Mental Health Champion training (our mental health peer support for organisations programme)

What is stress? The good, the bad and influencing factors. Exploring work-based stressors and management tools

Sleep hygiene – nourishment and narratives

Trauma and the stress response – why they wreak havoc on productivity and strategies to support

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